Child Pornography!

Pornography also known as porn is a portrayal of sexual subject matter for sexual arosal and it’s presented in different varieties like Magazines, Animation, Writing, Film, Video, Video games etc. Different types – Heterosexual, Homosexual porns.

Porn is legal in some countries, great! It’s partially legal in several countries, good! Illegal in some countries, Okay! And the rest of the country can only see “Data Unavailable” on their screens.

In my opinion, porn is not bad at all. It’s an individual’s choice to watch or pass, Simple, right? But, Child Porn? That’s where the problem starts.

Child Pornography is basically, the pictures and Videos of children wearing unusually less or no clothing or having sex! That’s clearly molesting a child! Even if it’s in any other varieties like Animated, drawn or virtual pornography is still not a good act. “Every pornography is illegal if it’s happened without their consent”. No child is going to give permission to any adult to touch his/her private areas or to have sexual intercourse. In conclusion, Those porn is illegal obviously!

Those sinful acts are happening all over the world. The worst thing is this cruel videos were mostly recorded by neighbours, relatives and even by the children’s parents. There is a group of sinners who curiously watch those pornography on the internet. All we need to do is to Save children from those perverts!

Just know what to do if you encounter such videos on the internet, File an online complaint on a Cyber Crime Portal. Don’t worry! You don’t need to provide any personal information. But, your information should be accurate and complete for the authorities to take necessary action!

Let’s Talk Taboo!

Versions of Nepotism -Gods-Kings-Idols?

How do we feel when our fellow student treated better by the teacher because of his/her family background? Hurtful right? That’s just a silly example for Nepotism!

Nepotism is using your power or influence to give an “unfair” advantage of your family, especially by giving them a job. It is unethical not only in entertainment but also in politics, sports, buisness and any other activities. Officially it all started when some Catholic Popes and Bishops gave their Nephews such positions after them!

Nephew – Nepos – Nepotisomo – Nepotism. What a shame?!

Let’s take a moment to talk about the first person who raise his voice against Nepotism, Lucifer. Though, it’s just a literary work and a belief, it’s got more to discuss about. God gave his job to his son after him. Lucifer questioned this. Is that wrong? There’s a difference between Pride and Rights. Why people who believe this don’t question the act of god? Are they being okay with god being nepotistic?

We live in a country which was once ruled by Kings then his sons, daughters, wives, second wife’s son, twenty second wife’s son. They gave opportunities to intellectual or talented people to be their Butler, Almoner, Chamberline etc. They called it “Hereditary Monarchy”. That might be an ancient version of Nepotism we never questioned.

Nepotism is gradually growing in India. It is more obvious in the Entertainment Industry, people started questioning it even started avoiding Star kids. Such a great start!

Nepotism exists in Sports too. We were ignoring it. Nepotism in Politics, we were supporting it. In Businesses? We used to it. In Religion? We should have questioned it. We all may have or going to faced Favoritism, Partiality, nepotism, cronyism, etc. We don’t have a choice. Let’s learn to face it because we haven’t born with silver spoon.

Suicide is not an option- Your life matters!

Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life. But, who gave you the permission sweetie? Well, we can’t blame people who commit suicide because they might have gone through Depression, Anxiety, Loss of interest, Irritability, Humiliation, Shame and Anger.

All we can do now is to save people who were about to try to commit suicide. If you saw someone you know with these signs,

1. Talking about killing oneself,

2. Being hopeless, lack of interest,

3. Being in unbearable pain,

4. Talking about being trapped,

5. Wanted to be alone.

Don’t afraid to ask them if they are depressed or thinking about suicide, never leave them alone, take them to the therapist or psychologist, show them that you care, tell them that their family and friends would be broken without them. Save them before it’s too late!

If you have any suicidal thoughts, Remember! It’s just a bad phase of life and you have a beautiful life ahead. Don’t feel useless, there is more time to achieve your passion, the one who left you will not feel the same way you feel, prove them they are wrong, never be ashamed of your shape, color, race or sexuality. Just follow these steps which help you come out of those thoughts,

1. Never sleep alone. Have a company.

2. Cut all the toxic persons from your life.

3. Write sentences like this and stick those everywhere, write those in your journals and carry them with you.

4. If someone abuses you physically or emotionally, call the cops!

5. Make a list of your compliments. Appreciation yourself how far you have come!

6. Find out what hurts you. Find a way to solve the problem. Remember Suicide is not the Solution.

7. Music heals everything. Build new habits. Own a pet and live life to the fullest!

Let me share you what I do if I get any suicidal thoughts, I’ll write a death note to my family, I pour my every feeling in that letter. Once I complete it, I’ll tear that into pieces. This helps me all the time!

India has the highest suicide rate in South East Asia. So, our country provides many prevention strategies to the people. Here are some helplines,


Helpline Number: +91 98204 66726

Fortis Stress Helpline:

Helpline Number: +9183768 04102

Parivarthan Stress Helpline:

Helpline Number: +91 76766 02602

Cooj Mental health Foundation:

Helpline Number: +832 2252525

Sneha Foundation:

Helpline Number: 044-24640050 https://snthoughts


There is hope! Needing help doesn’t make you weak! Everyone loves you!

Your life mattersūüĖ§

Earth is Flat?

Earth is Flat! This is not my opinion. Don’t come at me! There is a group of people who genuinely believe that “Earth is Flat”. I’m not kidding! They really exist. Flat Earthers have an organization called “Flat Earth Society” which was founded by Samuel Shenton in 1956. The Headquarters of this society is located in Lancaster, California, U.S.

A Greek philosopher, Pythagoras discovered that “Earth is spherical”. There are some scientific proofs were shown to us. So, We all agreed. It absolutely makes sense. But, Everyone’s opinion matters. So, Let’s learn some of flatearther’s pseudoscientific claims or believes. According to “Flatearthers”,

1. Gravity is ‘illusion’.

2. Sun and moon are spheres that move in circles above the “Flat Earth”.

3. The earth is a disc with arctic circle in the center and that’s the only pole.

4. The disc is surrounded by 150 foot ice wall in the edges to prevent people from climbing over and falling off. (I’m not overstating!)

5. Pictures or photographs of Spherical earth are photoshopped.

There is a popular saying that goes “It’s impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument”. Flatearthers mentioned in their organization logo to question everything. They are so ignorant that they have answers to all of their questions, “Science”.

The members of this organization are increasing and they are mostly in the U.S. and U.K. We don’t know what they are up to!

“That time of the month” -Women and Men!

Menstruation is a beautiful thing every woman experiences in their lifetime. I said “experience” not “enjoy”. All men act like they got a death thread when women say, “It’s that time of the month“. Why? Because more than 90% menstruating women have mood swings on those days. We yell at them, cry for no reason. We all got a grip, so we control our emotions too.

Bear with us Warriors! , We have to go through Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), abdominal pain, lower back pain, stress, headache, acne‚Ķ Men (warriors) learn to buy chocolates and foods these days to calm the satan in us! If you really don’t feel those pains and mood swings and think that I’m over exaggerating? I’ll respect you ladies and you may lie under those 10% probably!

Those Sanitary napkin ads will never be realistic. The girl in those ads wear white clothes! Seriously? Be realistic! The necessary things like pads, menstrual cups, tampons, period panties, flex disc were once viewed as luxuries and named as “Tampon tax”. Yes, We had to pay taxes for something we didn’t get a chance to don’t have. Fortunately, the taxes reduced and untaxed in many countries including India. I said “many” not “all”.

Equality matters! So, Let’s talk about ‘Men’suration. Men don’t bleed, but they get periods. Surprising, right ladies?!. Irritable Male Syndrome is as same as PMS. IMS occurs due to high cortisol level and low testosterone level. And the result? Anger, frustration, anxiety, hypersensitivity. Sometimes cramps and muscle pain too! So, my dear men, be aware and use “Manpons”. Most of us don’t even know what that thing is. Manpons are tightly wound paper towel to place on your ass cheeks to prevent leakage! Let’s love and support each other on each other’s periods!

“Let’s have happy periods peeps!”

“Mom – a living poem”

When you were born
She got a title “mom”
You cried for help
She was already there!

You have grown
from cradle to cuddle,
Now, enjoy her heart beat
And the warmth heat.

Hit the teens?
Calling her names?
She is being protective,
Is that annoying?

Now, You are twenty,
Burdens are plenty,
Hush! and call her,
She will be there!

The exposed secrets
you shared with your “friend”
Now being safe
with this trusted one!

She will be incredulous
that you are grown,
until she saw you
In a white gown!

Time to upbring
Your own one?
Be placid and call her
Help you out there!

Missing, loving, longing
to see her?
Just resemble her
To your daughter!


“Black lives matter”

We all know what’s happening now in¬†the United states. Protest against the racists to save¬†the African American community. Why won’t these racists accept the fact that this Earth belongs to everyone. Colors in humans¬†are, technically, variations.¬†Let’s¬†just stop hating people for this. This is not our option but¬†a choice.

“Mother nature wants us to be vibrant not violent”

Hating people for being who they are is worse of worst. It’s all started in 19th century, sadly the racists just ageing and not growing up! They still living in 19th century. Let’s not forget what happened to George Floyd, how he plead for his life in his last minutes to a ruthless cop! Remember his words “I can’t breathe”,”My neck hurts, My stomach hurts, Everything hurts”,”They’re gonna kill me” before hurting others by the name of racism. Remember your words can hurt too. Call them all as mate, dude ,buddy,kiddo etc.,not by their color. Equality matters. Black lives matter.

#Blacklivesmatter #Equalityforall

Poem – “Beauty and the Beast”

I’m a Werewolf

It isn’t lyncathropy

Might had a rainwater gulp

With footprints of wolfy.

Don’t mess with me

In this blue moon day,

I’ll shapeshift into werewolf

Hurry the fields with hay!

You could be glad

You are not ‘Vampire’

Escape yourself, my love

Or kill me with a ‘Silver’.

I don’t feel your love

When I see your eyes

Now I want to know

How you really taste.

I’m stuck between

Love and starve!

You better dart ahead

from this grave.

We can’t make a Remus,

Not your love, anymore

Back off from me

What are you waiting for?!

~Oreo‚̧ #1